From their first serendipitous meeting as coworkers over a decade ago, Situate Design principals, Shannon Thompson and Becca Doyle, have shared in the belief that design done well, far from being a surface indulgence, is really an expression of self, an opportunity for deep connection.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Dr. Angelou’s words are deeply imbedded in the heart of Situate, with a synergistic work flow that beautifully uncovers what best serves both the head and heart of each client through the mindful transformation of their space.

It’s with this intention, along with style and grace and a bit of whimsy, Thompson, Doyle and their team, are here to joyfully serve you.


Raised with the notion that “art is not a real job,” Shannon Thompson initially chose a stable career in speech therapy, the highlight of which was decorating her office. After three years Shannon bravely choose to follow her heart all the way to Bravado, the design firm where she got her start as an Art & Accessory Designer and, eventually, Lead Designer. Shannon’s creative career of almost 20 years hasn’t skipped a beat since, encompassing the roles of Interior Designer, Prop Stylist and Art Director for a myriad of high profile clients including: Celebrity chefs Curtis Stone, Marcela Valladolid and model Heidi Klum. TV shows such as Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Halloween Wars, Sugar Dome and TLC’s Craft Wars; and iconic brands like Dyson, Downey, Hershey’s, Kaiser and Jelly Belly.

BECCA DOYLE, Principal

Becca Doyle was born with the spirit of an artist, holding the intention from a young age to spend her life creating. And, over the past decade and a half, she’s done just that. After traveling the globe as a Lead Product Developer and Designer for Cobian, a California-based lifestyle footwear brand, Becca decided to dip her toes into new creative waters. She joined the interior design team at Bravado, taking on Shannon’s former role as the Art & Accessory Designer. After a successful stint, Becca was ready to take on her next artistic challenge: cultivating a retail dream world through Visual Merchandising at Anthropologie. Eventually, her love of interiors brought her to back to situate something new with a dear friend.